Weider Crossbow Review

Weider Crossbow ReviewThe Weider Crossbow Home Gym has received some fantastic reviews in the not so distant past and we wanted to know what all the fuss was about. So we decided to add to this weider crossbow review of our very own and get in on the act.

The Weider Crossbow Home Gym uses a compound resistance system that is similar to the bandflex and the famous bowflex models. The bowflex use power rods and the bandflex use bungee cables, wereas the Cross Bow by Weider uses bows, 6 of them to be precise. These bows are strong yet bendy (if that doesn’t sound too contradicting) and they provide a great resistance. The resistance between these bows can be changed by simply including more or less of the bows by way of a clip at each end.

Weider Crossbow Equipment Information

  • The Weider Crossbow home gym has a steel frame and an aluminium bench with side rail
  • The 6 bows which act as the weights include 2 x 10lb bows, 1 x 20lb bow, 1 x 40lb bow, 2 x 80lb bows. The bows have a lifetime replacement guarantee and if you want to you can use the bows seperately as a chest exercise.
  • The minimum resistance for bows is 5lbs and the maximum is 240lbs which can be upgraded to 440lbs
  • There is some wide set cables for the chest, shoulders, arms, and back among others
  • There is a lat pulldown which can be used for the back and the triceps
  • There’s a leg extension for the quads
  • The leg curl can be used for the hamstrings
  • There’s a wide lat pulldown bar, cable handles, waist band and ankle straps as well
  • The leg press uses the waist band and the foot plate
  • The flat incline bench is flexible and padded. The back of the bench can be removed and the seat has to be slided forwards to perform the aerobic row and leg press
  • There is a lifetime warranty on the bows, but only 5 years on the rest


We have found a few more than some of the other Weider Crossbow Review’s and here they are :

  • The obvious one is that it’s much cheaper than it’s competitor Bowflex
  • There are lots of exercises to try out
  • There is a leg press plate which was scarce on the earlier Weider Crossbow Home Gym model
  • It’s fairly light because the weight stack has been left out
  • The sliding seat allows the great option of an aerobic exercise, which is great for warming up and cooling down


Some of the exercises that have been suggested in the manual are fairly hard to do and yield little results


The Weider Crossbow home gym has received many good reviews from experts and users alike but if you want to get a great home gym that is cheaper than the Bowflex home gyms and offers more than the Weider Cross bow you should definitely look at the Weider Max Weight System as a better alternative.

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